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Appanage Creativity & Innovation

Appanage is an advisory, consulting and coaching services group dedicated to helping individuals, families, businesses and other groups achieve their highest potential.

At Appanage, creativity and innovation are at the core of individual and collective healthy evolution. Moreover, they are indispensable for self-realization and self-transcendence.

Appanage works with a variety of tools that use art and other modes of creativity to facilitate experiential learning with a focus on personal or group development. You can read more about Appanage here

Women Empowerment Program

This program brings together women from diverse backgrounds, opens a dialogue that helps them identify the strengths, wisdom and skills developed by each of them throughout their life, and creates collective acknowledgement of who they are together. Then, women represent their strengths on the same canvas. The collective artwork is a portrait of the power of womanhood.

By making woman-centered, globally diverse artworks, both participants and observers can see a more complex and multi-faceted image of women. Visualizing and experiencing these artworks facilitates understanding the real dimension of women's power.

The goal is to weave a tapestry that will bring to light the vast, rich, colorful and ultimately powerful image of womanhood. The ultimate goal is to unify women as a step towards empowerment - help them embrace their collective identity and unite with every woman on earth, past and present.

Women Empowerment Workshops

Appanage organizes women empowerment workshops tailored to particular groups and organizations with a focus on the collective power. The workshop helps individuals identify, explore and embrace their personal strengths, skills and gifts. Additionally, participants are enriched by participating in the creative expression of the collective power of women. All workshops include some form of art and creativity to enhance the learning and growth.

Partnerships and Volunteer Opportunities


We are looking for organizations and individuals to partner in our efforts to reach out to diverse group of women in any country and city.

Please contact us if you would like to help us gather a truly diverse group of women to implement our Women Empowerment Program


We welcome volunteers who want to help us in our mission. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about our opportunities for volunteer work.


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